Sunday, October 9, 2011

Give them something special

I was zipping through the grocery store one evening last week when I was sidelined by an incredibly strong urge.  I really really REALLY wanted to bring home something special for Gus and Jack.

I looked around, unsure at where to even start.  I had come in for baby yogurt and grapes.  I was in a regular grocery store... you know, the kind that is so big you could get lost inside of it.  I ran through a litany of things I could bring home.

Cookies?  Ice cream?  Candy?

Then I stopped myself with a shake.  What?!  No, I'm not going to buy them junk food!

I took some deep breaths and thought about what was going on inside my head.  I had been at work that morning, away from the boys.  I had been at a tutoring job that evening, away from the boys.  I was on my way home to see them, and I wanted to show up with something to give them.  Something to "prove" my love to them.

I'm very glad I took the time to stop and collect my wild thoughts.  I'm sure I've unthinkingly given into the urge before, but on this particular night I was able to think it through.  I wonder where it came from.  I wonder why I felt it.

In the end, I brushed it off, bought the yogurt and grapes, and went home.

As it turns out, I did give the boys something special that night.  It was something they really really REALLY wanted.  It showed them how much I love them.

When I got home, I nursed my boys.

Gus and Jack are going through a hat phase.  They love those hats!


  1. Aw! Love it and love the hats. Way to go, Mama!

  2. Sweet babies. I love this. Stopping to think is a skill I often forget.

  3. That really is something special, and the photo is absolutely priceless! Love it :)

  4. Thank for stopping by and reading (and commenting!) :-)

    Hats are definitely all the rage right now! They do take them off for baths and sleeping, though.

  5. That picture is hilarious and sweet.

    I've had that same conversation in my head but it's usually with toys. I'm about to drop $20 on a game or something and then realize that it's not because they need a new toy, it's because I crave the experience of getting down on the floor and playing with my kids, like on the picture on the box. But I don't need a new toy to do that, anything will do including just our own bodies.

    It's about the connection, not the treat -- wise mama.