Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's in a Name?

So, why "Attached at the Nip"?  Why Mama Mo?  Here's the whys behind the blog you're reading right now.

I had been feeling the pull to write for some time before I set up my blog.  It's my teeny, tiny corner of the internet, my place to just muse about whatever is on my mind.  But, I wanted a good name.  The right name.  It's really very simple:  My twin boys nurse a lot.  I love plays on words.  And so, Attached at the Nip because it's apropos for my lifestyle as a nursing mama of twins and because it's a play on the expression "attached at the hip".

When I was in college, I took on the caretaker role among my group of friends.  I made sure everyone had a cake on their birthday.  I bought Christmas presents and filled little stockings for each friend.  I got the nickname Mama.  I used to live in Missouri, MO.  And Mo is a nickname for my real name... not that anyone other than my SCUBA coach ever called me by it, but still... I decided I would be Mama Mo now that I'm a real mama.

I hope you like my blog.  I'm glad that you've even seen it!  It makes me happy.

Thanks for reading!

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