Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The best reasons EVER to slack on blog posting

Camping, swimming, boating, going to the zoo, playing in buckets... it's been a busy summer so far!  One of my goals was to be more active and more present in my children's lives.  So that meant moving the laptop out of easy access range and keeping it closed more often.  It's less time for blogging, but more time for Jack and Gus.  A good trade for sure!

Camping with no pants is fun!

Yep, I'm darn cute... and I know it!

First carousel ride.  

Up the stairs and down the slide!

Babies in a bucket!

Jack is ready to go fishing!  Gus is less sure...

Relaxing on the pontoon boat at Grammy and Grampy's lake house.

Evening boat ride.

Mama and Jack.

Gus and Moviedad.


  1. Love the pictures. Glad to hear you're having a connected summer! :)

  2. Thank you! We really are having fun this summer, and I'm getting some online time in once they go to sleep... which is getting easier and easier as they get older. Whew!