Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bike riding with babies!

 This weekend we took the babies on a bike ride.  Thanks to Lauren at Hobo Mama, I found these amazing kangaroo bike seats.  The boys got to sit up high, watch the world speed by, and feel the breeze.  They loving biking!

Sadly, my arms are too short to reach around a baby on a bike seat.
Happily, Papaw was willing to ride with Jack while Moviedad took Gus.

Babies really can sleep anywhere!


  1. That's so cute that they fell asleep. :) I rode to storytime with my guy once, he was about that age--we arrived and I realized his head was leaning forward and he'd passed out(I have a seat on the back, so I couldn't see him while riding!).

  2. SO sweet! I love the kangaroo seats. I don't even have a bike. :-(