Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I was all set to write a sad post about this being the one-year anniversary of when I had to go on bed rest--and my whole world came to a screeching halt, never to be the same.  But then Jack woke up and wanted to be nursed back to sleep.  It was then that I realized I needed to write something else.  This is it.

When you...

...arch your back, hold out your trusting hands, and roll towards me to nurse in your sleep

...shriek with delight as daddy gives you an Inuit kiss

...look over your shoulder as you crawl down the hallway, making sure your brother is there with you

...reach out to touch the Christmas tree lights with one wondering finger

...smile with your whole face to see daddy walking up the stairs

...taste each roll of the toilet paper treasure you discovered under the sink, just to see if they're the same

...tip slowly to the side as you hold your socks over your head in triumph

...discover you like to dance to marching band music

...giggle at your brother as you play because he is just the funniest person you ever did see

...roll around like puppies together on the floor, laughing

...tell me the most wonderful stories about dada, baba, mmmm, and eeeey

...peek your eyes open to make sure I'm still here as you nurse to sleep

...sing your sleepy song

...sing your eating song

...pat your brother's head as you nurse together

...hold hands and dance

...wake me up in the mornings by crawling over and patting my face

                                                                                           ... I know that I am blessed.

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  1. That was beautiful... they are a blessing :) a little slice of heaven