Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My two cents' worth

Here in my teeny, tiny corner of the internet, I feel compelled to put forth my opinion on the Great Amazon Debacle of November 2010.

Amazon if offering an e-book called "The Pe.doph.ile's Gu.ide to Love and Pleas.ure."  Many mommy bloggers, tech bloggers, twitter-ers raised the issue and covered the web with links.  There was much gnashing of teeth and rending of Kindles.  But the sad fact is that that piece of filth has jumped in sales by over 100, 000%.

Amazon's statement says that they are upholding the first amendment and allowing customers to choose what titles they purchase.  In the help section of Amazon's page on selling items, it outlines the items that are disallowed.  Child pornography is one such item.  However, it's not porn unless there are photos.  So a how-to guide for sexually abusing children is ok, right?

Wrong.  This whole thing is just wrong.  Amazon also claims the right to take down digital titles that promote illegal activity.  Um... pedophilia is illegal.

I believe in freedom of speech.  I don't dispute this pervert's right to say or write these things.  I just happen to believe that Amazon has a moral imperative to chose to NOT sell it.  They can do that, ya know.  But until they do, I will be speaking with my dollars.

I am boycotting Amazon this holiday season until they remove this book.  Will you join me?

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